this page is devoted to cherished memory of my Teacher

Photo of Musin


Musin Ilya Aleksandrovich

people's artist of Russia,

honourable member of Royal academy of music in London

Among his pupils are: Odissey Dimitriady, Konstantin Simeonov, Juriy Efimov, Djemal Dalgat, Michail Buchbinder, George Doniyach, Arnold Kats, Rudolf Barshay, Juriy Temirkanov, Basil Sinaisky, Aleksey Trifonov, Fedor Gluschenko, Bladislav Tschernushenko, Uozas Domarkas, Valeriy Gergiev, Semen Bichkov, Jakov Kreitsberg, Andrey Chistyakov,Pavel Kogan, Victor Fedotov, Juriy Bogdanov, Pavel Bubelnikov, David Buchin, Shan Advards, Aleksandr Polyanichko, Leonid Korchmar, Aleksandr Kantorov, Jalchin Adigezalov,Aleksandr Titov, Martin Brabbins, Aleksandr Tschernushenko, Oleg Kaetani,Ara Karapetyan, Aleksandr Poleschuk, Mark Reizenshtok... Conductor's school... Still recently an opportunity of it's existence has admitted of doubt. It seemed, to train a trade of a conductor is impossible, just as for example, and a trade of a poet. "Chironomy is a dark thing", - lives in conductor's environment such proverb. It is generally assumed that management of an orchestra is a kind of Shamanism. Musin has illuminated by a beam of research experience all that mysterious, that is connected to chironomy, and by formulating problems, by systematizing receptions, has created a theoretical and methodical basis of teaching of this discipline. I certainly concern not only about engineering of hands, though the teacher gives it a very important meaning and his pupils are glorified of that their gesture is clear, expressive, and economical. I concern the transferring to an orchestra own conductor's hearing of composer's creation, his style, form, and, at the end - spiritual core. The huge teaching Musin's experience is in two his printed works "Technique of chironomy" and "About education of conductor", both books for a long time already become the desktop manuals for everybody, who are connected to treated in them circle of questions. Recently these textbooks were added by filmed in a conservatoire's professor's class a series of educational videofilms.
Musin and I in 1995 This photo I like best of all